Second Life Is Awesome!

Mimmy is so talented! Look what she made!


Maybe it’s me, but SL cock sort of looks, um, glue on. Pubes help. A lot. If you don’t over do ‘em. You can get colourable prim ones here:


I dont have a picture yet :( So have some cute pictures of the store instead.


Sexy and We Know It (by Harper Beresford)


We here at RAoG are huge fans of Harper and especially when she and BlaiseJoshua Resident get together to make fun of the awful “toadie” craze that’s been infesting SL. Watch it, love it, share it.

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This is my first avi, recreated over the xmas holidays. I love my kaz, but I wanted a fresh canvas to create something totally new. Mims took the shot! So good :)

Sve (New Me!), Dev, and Mims

Bnc memories :)

Why do chicks wanna spend hours breaking up? Don’t feed me some elabortae bs story. Dont Explain yourself. If she had’ve just said, “I’m not into this. Sorry.” we’d still be friends.

Kami brand avvie I helped a friend build.

Kami’s main shape (and mimaras) are Yayo, modded heavily for taste. Yayo is a small shape and tattoo maker with some fantastic designs. Seems their inworld store is gone, but check out the mp if youre hunting for some curvier shapes, with very expressive faces.

The Cube Project - A Collaborative LEA Project

Bryh Oh, board member for the LEA project, and famous SL artist, has recently begun collaborating a huge project with some simple rules. “Twenty Sims. Black and White Cubes. Five Days. Over 25 Artists. Shake Vigorously.” (Zachh Cale) So here it is, a cubist / minimalist art sim on a massive scale, with art from some of the most talented people on the grid.

For your ride and review visit http://www.ragelog.org/2012/08/the-cube-project-collaborative-lea.html

[14:45] ⓀⓐⓏ (kamikaze): So to summarize: You don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t even drink coffee. You exercise. Your one vice it seems, is logging on the net and dressing up like a girl while you torture, beat and fuck, female cartoons

[14:45] ⓀⓐⓏ (kamikaze): I have to say, that makes you one of the most awesome people I know

[14:46] Most Awesome Person: I also cook.

Where: Teqi’s Lounge (Queens Teqi & Zeo’s Orgasmic CumPalace)
The Second Life “Meat Market” is a place to meet, a nice piece of meat, that will hopefully bump pixels with you, or at least tell you how pretty you are and feed your ego. You know the places I’m talking about. Chances are you have at least one in your LM’s folder, some of you more. Lots more :P

Review and Ride @